3-D Modeling

Modern design and technology is at the crux of our engineering philosophy.  Our world class engineering & design team can customize all vessels to complete build in any part of the world.

Structural Optimization Leads to:

  • Increase Service Life
  • Improved Performance
  • Increased Fuel Efficiency
  • Better Maintainability
  • Complete suite of Technical & Project Management Programs
  • Large staff of marine professionals
  • Modern networked computer systems in 4 offices around the globe
  • Database of 5000+ successful programs & complete technical library

State of the Art 3D Modeling ensures:

  • Simplified Production Processes
  • Increased Production Efficiencies
  • Minimized Rework during Production
  • More Operator Friendly Design

The Best Technology Has to Offer

Technical Resources


Reduced hull pressure that directly translates to reduced resistance


Vessel Types


  • ATLAS provides co-production assistance to host countries so they can develop indigenous marine vessel maintenance and building facilities.
  • ATLAS can assist with the arrangement for Export Trade finance guarantees from US Export/Import Bank or other national Trade Facilities for qualified clients who can provide soverign guarantees or have a debt to equity ratio acceptable to lenders or guarantors.
  • Though ATLAS has dedicated shipbuilding facilities in the US, ATLAS also has relationships with shipyards in Asia and can assist with procurement of vessels from those shipyards using ATLAS design, supervision and management.